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Founded in 2009, EnergoVizija is a fast-growing, innovative company that brings together experienced technical, legal and financial experts with a proven track record, united by a passion for the implementation of innovative technological solutions based on renewable energy sources and circular economy.

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We are a leading Croatian company for development and implementation of Renewable Energy Projects, also providing advisory services and support in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects to selected partners. The main activity of the company is the development and implementation of projects that use renewable energy sources for the production of electricity and thermal energy according to the "turnkey" principle, as well as the development of technological innovations and the increase of energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy sources, the reuse of waste energy, innovative ways of storage and energy consumption optimization.

What we do



Our Expertise

EnergoVizija is composed of a team of seasoned experts, each bringing a wealth of knowledge in technical, legal, and financial fields. Our deep understanding of the market landscape ensures we stay ahead in the constantly evolving energy sector. We play a pivotal role in shaping the renewable energy (RES) market in Croatia. Actively involved in key institutions and associations, EnergoVizija is dedicated to promoting RES market development, both locally and nationally.

Our Role in Industry

As one of the most active members of the Croatian Renewable Energy Association, EnergoVizija has a significant presence. Our representatives serve on the supervisory board and participate in several working groups, influencing the direction of the industry. We are also an active member of the Coordination for Renewables at the Croatian Employers Association. Our involvement here reinforces our commitment to renewable energy and its integration into the broader economic landscape.

Our Approach to Projects

Our team leaders are known for their proven track records. They bring experience and expertise to the forefront of our projects. With more than a thousand MWp projects in various stages of development, EnergoVizija stands out for its innovative, multidisciplinary approach. We pride ourselves on offering tailor-made solutions to each project, ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction.

Vision and Core Values


What we aspire to

To be the regional starting point and benchmark organisation for sustainable and energy efficient application of renewable energy sources in economy and industry, by achieving extraordinary results for our partners, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.

Vision and Core Values


What we believe

Building on a founders’ vision that spans over decades, we are privately owned by active management and guided by our Vision, Values & Covenants. We value People and Team Orientation, Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, Sustainability.


We value People and Team Orientation, Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, Sustainability.